So What!

“Technology is making too many people more fearful and anxious than ever before, while increasing numbers of teenagers and young people spend way too much of their time sitting alone in their bedrooms playing videogames and updating Facebook, creating fun and cool online personas for themselves, at the expense of their real-life ones beyond the screens” (Hartley).  But are we falling weak to the distraction of the IPhone? Are we are harming are relationships with others and preventing ourselves from reaching or true potential whether at school or socially?  

 Joe Kraus explains how smartphones have changed our culture on his blog.  (I would suggest watching his speech on the topic which is presented on the blog.)  He explains that we have created a new sort of culture where we are constantly teaching ourselves to be more distracted.  People used to sit down at a computer and access the internet to accomplish something and then return to their daily life.  Now, we access the internet through our phones and devices at any moment we have free.  Kraus believes that the use of phones is causing us to lose relationships with those around us.  She says that our manners have taken a turn for the worse.  Instead of acknowledging the presence of others and respecting the time with them, we are clicking around on our phones ignoring them.  In addition, the use of smartphones has decreased our creativity and critical thinking skills.  We can no longer focus and get “in the zone” because we are constantly being distracted.    Joe thinks that smartphones could be put to good use if we are able to break through the problem of distraction.  He suggests that we take a day to spend with no technology each week to teach ourselves to connect with those around us.  He also thinks we need to take time each day to slow down from the fast pasted world around us and think without any distractions.  But are these so called “distractions” really distracting us from anything?


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